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More Retrans Drama

It may sound odd from a coming from an editor, but as a consumer, I love not being tied to the ongoing drama of cable networks and retrans battles.  In the end, it only means one thing for consumers, and that’s higher prices.  Cable and broadcast networks alike are pressing cable providers for higher payments, which you can be sure will be passed straight onto your cable bill.

Now, I’m used to the retransmission fights cable channels and cable networks go through.  Pretty normal.  What’s new, and what ticks me off more, is the broadcast networks (FOX, ABC, NBC, and CBS) getting into the retransmission fee game.  As we learned this past December, CBS is believed to receive $0.40 per subscriber in retransmission fees.  That was the highest fee leveraged until recently.  Then, FOX started demanding $1.00 per subscriber from Time Warner.  While we don’t know exactly how much they settled on, it’s believed to be somewhere close to that.  That deal closed in the 11th hour of 2009, and FOX’s transmission went on uninterrupted. Continue reading