Letter from Chairman of IAWTV

Just wanted to get this out there for anyone who finds it important.  It was released to the wider public on Twitter and should be taken note of.  The Chairman of the IAWTV has written a letter to members that is posted on it’s website.

To me, the most salient part of the short letter is as follows:

The IAWTV is a non-profit organization that selects nominees and, ultimately, decides the winners of the Streamy Awards. We did not produce the Streamy Awards show, nor did we have any knowledge of the contents of the show beforehand. Like you we watched the show with great embarrassment as our industry was ridiculed and debased.

With due respect to the talented winners of the Streamy Awards last night, you and the digital entertainment community deserve much better. To that end, the IAWTV will ensure that moving forward every event we are affiliated with lives up to our ideals. If the Streamy Awards take place next year, we will approve the show’s producers, vision, practices and its content in advance. We have all worked hard to bring our industry to where it is today. Egregious mistakes were made last night.

If the IAWTV did not have any oversight of this year’s show, who exactly did?  Did Tubefilter?  Did an unnamed third party?  Was there anyone providing oversight at all?  The Executive Producers, from Brady’s call to NewTeeVee, don’t seem to have exercised the oversight I expected from them.

I am incredibly glad to see the Board of Directors taking this as seriously as it should be taken.  I’m glad to know that they will no longer associate with an event that they have no details about.  I think they should have been monitoring things anyway, but at least they understand the gravity of the situation and what level of involvement is appropriate for future events.

The executive producers of the awards have also posted an open letter apologizing for the event on the Streamys site.  Unlike the Chairman of the IAWTV, these individuals appear to have been the final authority on the show planning.  Having spoken to Brady in the past, I can only conclude that they were not keeping tabs on the show as they should have, because had they known what was going into it, I can’t imagine they would have thought it appropriate.

So we’re now hearing apologies from all sides.  I’m glad they have been coming so quickly.  It’s a good start.  However, I think we can all admit that the Streamys (and the IAWTV by association) have a lot of work to do if they intend to keep on existing.  Though personally, I think that a flashy awards show isn’t appropriate for our medium anyway.

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