Considering a Change of Title

I’m going to commit to making shorter posts on a more regular basis.  To make a large blog post takes me a while: researching, writing, fact checking, editing, peer reviewing.  I never post a full entry without someone looking it over first.  It makes things a bit difficult to handle.  So I’m going to aim at a shorter format.

For today, I’m mulling changing my title from Video Editor to Filmmaker.  The more general title would be more fitting with what I find myself doing, which right now is a lot of pre-production work more in line with producing.  I also feel like I could write more that way, as my attention is drawn all over filmmaking and video production.  As you know from my last post, I’ve been getting my feet wet with cinematography, which has been very interesting.  Starting in January, I’ll really be developing skills as a producer as well.  Time will tell.

Today’s post is just this general musing.  Getting ready to move to a new day job up in NYC tomorrow, and using today to rest up.  Just wanted to touch base with all my readers out there.  I’ll have another quick one this evening.  Keep an eye out!

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