Challenge Yourself

As you know, I’m in a bit of a lull with Issues still in development for the second season.  I’ve been getting incredibly bored recently, with nothing to edit.  Sure, I’ve been working on the new software a lot, but you can only do that for so long before needing a break.  What I need is a project.

So, to that end, I’m making some work for myself.  I’m determined to make Issues stand out more in it’s second season with transitions, titles, and effects that fit our show.  In particular, I’m taking pages from two shows, Captain Blasto, and Beautiful Jones, who have used similar tricks on their shows.  The big challenge is to design new opening credits for Issues that are more than just pictures fading in and out.  The existing credits were created on-the-fly because we were ready to release, and there had been no direction on what kind of credits to use.  So I scrambled something together in a few minutes, and stuck with it through the rest of the absolutely chaotic post-production/release season.

Now that I have some downtime, I’ve developed a concept of what a good opening sequence would look like for the show.  It will NOT be easy to make.  It requires a lot of graphics work, which I can do, but am not very practiced in, and may end up requiring some work in Motion/AfterEffects.  However, when I get tired of practicing new software and want to return to a project, I now have my opening credit concept to return to.  My hope is to make it the opening credits for all subsequent releases from the show.

In addition to keeping me entertained, it’s also forcing me to work on skills I’m not as good with, and to learn entirely new ones.  It’s something I’m undertaking of my own volition, because I know it’s difficult and will be a complete pain in the ass.  But then after it’s done, I can go back and refine the process, and really integrate those skills.  So my challenge to anyone who has some time to kill:  Design a project for yourself that you know is going to be difficult.  And do it.

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