Need for a Video Editor’s Online Meeting Place

Apologies for the silence.  The semester ends in 5 days (for all intents and purposes), so there is the final push to make sure the large, final assignments are finished.

I also apologize that my first entry in a while has nothing to do with the technology or technique of editing.  Instead, I feel the need to air an idea and grievance I have with the industry in the internet era.  That is, there’s no place I can go and find out what the industry as a whole is doing.  I’ll be joining 3 professional associations this month.  I’d never heard of them until I met a member or read a list that my college maintains of such associations.  I only found out about the NY Web TV Meet-Up because I happen to follow a participant on Twitter.  I found out about the Streaming Media East conference (which is in its 12th year), two days ago upon acceptance to the Film Professionals group in LinkedIn.  I already am scheduled to work for the duration of the conference and can not attend.

While I do work in all areas, I find that my involvement with Issues pulls me heavily into the web TV sphere.  But there are virtually no tools for the editing community in particular and the web television community in general to really exchange information.  Broadcast Assassin has tried to become a meeting place for the web television community, but is still relatively small and growing.  I’d love to see it really become the central venue for communication between creators of web shows.  Go join up!  Perhaps what we really need is a wiki for each group.  I’m thinking of setting up one at least for editing, perhaps one for web TV as well.  It seems like the industry is so fragmented that it’s hard to really start networking.  Because the web TV industry is really trying to promote networking and knowledge, I find myself thinking about web TV as a broader category more than I do about editors within the web TV community.

But editors have need of it to.  The reason I didn’t include an example of an editing event that I’ve missed out on is because I don’t know of any.  I know there are editing groups and associations.  There must be.  But I don’t have the first idea of where to start looking for them.  Anyone know of where to start?


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