Long Distance Editing

Making up for some of my missed blogging earlier.

One of the biggest differences between editing now and editing maybe 5 years ago is the ability for true long-range collaboration.  When editing for Issues, there was some distance between me and the director, but never more than about 2 hours.  I’ll be undertaking my first truly long-range editing project this weekend.  I’m based in NJ.  The person I’m editing for is out in California.  We’ll be doing file exchanges through FTP accounts, and communicating through a mix of the phone and email.

The challenge of long-distance collaborations like this?  Simply, a lack of visual communication.  You can’t see the director’s facial expressions, read their mood, or see any gestures they would typically use when they speak.  You are forced to be much clearer in your spoken and written communications than you’re used to.  There is increased time for file transfers and uploads, and you need to be creative in your solutions for how to interact throughout the project.

One solution I would like to offer up is the creation of a password-protected web site for you, the editor, and your partners/clients/bosses.  I’ve used this in the past, and it is a wonderful way to communicate if there are several people who will be looking at your work.  As a Mac user, I have access to iWeb, which allows me to create a web site with a user name and password for access.  It actually became the central hub for all the media associated with my show.  All of our production stills were available through that portal, as well as previews of videos a various stages of editing.

How do you deal with long-range collaborations?

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